Definition of Hair grease

1. Noun. A toiletry for the hair.

Exact synonyms: Hair Oil, Hair Tonic, Hairdressing
Specialized synonyms: Pomade, Pomatum
Generic synonyms: Toilet Articles, Toiletry

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Literary usage of Hair grease

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Woman as Decoration by Emily Burnbank (1917)
"... laces of cobweb; shawls from India by camel and sailing craft; rouge, too, and hair grease, patches and powder; laced waists and cramped feet; ..."

2. THROUGH THE MILL THE LIFE OF A MILL BOY by Frederic Kenyon Brown (1911)
"In the morning she said, "Now, Al, that's a jar of the best hair grease you could buy for money anywhere. It's an old recipe and will not only make the hair ..."

3. The Jungle Folk of Africa by Robert H. Milligan (1908)
"After dressing the hair grease is smeared over it, from time to time, which in the sun melts into the hair, giving it a rich gloss ; and some of the grease ..."

4. Sacred Books of the East: Comprising the Vedic Hymns, Zend-Avesta by Epiphanius Wilson, Aśvaghoṣa, Samuel Beal, Friedrich Max Müller, James Darmesteter, George Sale, Dharmaraksha (1900)
"... attaches to him for any bone, hair, grease, (lung, urine, or blood, that may drop back into the water.” o Maker of the material world, thou Holy One! ..."

5. Surgery, Its Principles and Practice by William Williams Keen (1906)
"... embryonic rudiment contained in a cyst, covered with pilose skin and stuffed with loose hair, grease, and occasionally teeth resembling equine incisors. ..."

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