Definition of Haleakala national park

1. Noun. A national park in Hawaii including a dormant volcano.

Generic synonyms: National Park
Group relationships: Aloha State, Hawai'i, Hawaii, Hi

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Literary usage of Haleakala national park

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Adventure Guide Maui by Sharon Hamblin (2005)
"haleakala national park The park stretches from Haleakala Crater down to the coast, ... Park Information haleakala national park PO Box 369 Makawao, ..."

2. The Great American Wilderness: Touring America's National Parks by Larry H. Ludmer (2000)
"haleakala national park * Hawaii Volcanoes National Park haleakala national park Haleakala, or House of the Sun, is the crater of a dormant Hawaiian volcano ..."

3. Harmful Non-Indigenous Species in the United States (1994)
"13,1992; L Loops, US Department of the Interior, National Park Service, "Public Outreach in Controlling Alien Species in haleakala national park," talk ..."

4. South Florida Ecosystem Restoration: Joint Hearing Before the Committee on edited by Craig Thomas (1999)
"In fact, the National Parks and Conservation Association recently declared haleakala national park to be one of the ten most endangered parks in the nation, ..."

5. Guidebook to Excellence 1994: A Directory of Federal Resources for DIANE Publishing Company by DIANE Publishing Company (1994)
"... (DOI) haleakala national park Guided, environmental field trips for school groups are the primary activities offered at haleakala national park. ..."

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