Definition of Half hitch

1. Noun. A knot used to fasten a rope temporarily to an object; usually tied double.

Generic synonyms: Knot

Definition of Half hitch

1. Noun. (context: knots) A knot or hitch made by passing the end of the rope once around the standing part or other rope. ¹

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Literary usage of Half hitch

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Standard Work of Reference in Art, Literature (1907)
"Take two turns round a spar, then • half-hitch round the standing part and between the spar and the turns, lastly a half-hitch round the standing part. ..."

2. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General by Thomas Spencer Baynes (1888)
"The half-hitch repeated; this Is commonly need, and is capable of resisting ... Take two turns round a spar, then a half-hitch round the standing part and ..."

3. Seamanship: Comp. from Various Authorities, and Illustrated with Numerous by Stephen Bleecker Luce (1877)
"A Timber and Half-Hitch, Fig. 48, Plate 7. Used for bending a line to a spar, ... a half-hitch is taken with the standing parts (a) round the bights (b), ..."

4. The Materials of Engineering by Robert Henry Thurston (1884)
"F^-TIMBER HITCH em plo yed for the half hitch. TIMBER AND half hitch. same purpose, when greater security or a more permanent hold is desired. Fig. ..."

5. Bridge Engineering by John Alexander Low Waddell (1916)
"Same as a "Figure Kight Knot," qv Half-hitch Knot.—Soe "Ketchum's Hand Book," ... Round Turn and a half hitch.—See "Ketchum's Hand Book," pages 444 and 445. ..."

6. Engineer Field Manual by United States Army. Corps of Engineers, United States War Dept (1912)
"Take two turnaround the iron, then a half hitch round the standing part and ... When used for hanling spars, a half hitch is added near the end of the spar ..."

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