Definition of Hammurapi

1. Noun. Babylonian king who codified the laws of Sumer and Mesopotamia (died 1750 BC).

Exact synonyms: Hammurabi
Generic synonyms: King, Male Monarch, Rex

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Literary usage of Hammurapi

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Ancient Times, a History of the Early World: An Introduction to the Study of by James Henry Breasted (1916)
"Rise of hammurapi and supremacy of Babylon 177. hammurapi, the organizer Sumerian languages. It was the old Sumerian tongue, however, which was regarded as ..."

2. Outlines of European History by James Harvey Robinson, James Henry Breasted, Charles Austin Beard (1914)
"THE AGE OF hammurapi AND AFTER Centuries of struggle between the Sumerians ... hammurapi, one of their kings. Semitic fights for thirty years and conquers ..."

3. History of Europe, Ancient and Medieval: Earliest Man, the Orient, Greece by James Henry Breasted, James Harvey Robinson (1920)
"hammurapi—the Second Semitic Supremacy. Centuries of struggle between the Sumerians and ... hammurapi, one of their later kings, fought for thirty years and ..."

4. A History of Babylonia and Assyria by Robert William Rogers (1915)
"The date of hammurapi, according to Na- ... occurs this interesting and important chronological note: "The name of hammurapi, one of the old kings, ..."

5. Survey of the Ancient World by James Henry Breasted (1919)
"hammurapi, one of their later kings, fought for thirty years and conquered all ... hammurapi, raised Babylon, thus far a small and unimportant town, ..."

6. Cuneiform Parallels to the Old Testament by Robert William Rogers (1912)
"I. hammurapi The city of Babylon was one of the early cities of Babylonia ... The preparations for hammurapi, as so often in human history, seem inadequate. ..."

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