Definition of Handle

1. Noun. The appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it. "It was an old briefcase but it still had a good grip"

2. Verb. Be in charge of, act on, or dispose of. "She managed her parents' affairs after they got too old"

3. Verb. Interact in a certain way. "Handle the press reporters gently"

4. Verb. Act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression. "The new book treats the history of China"
Exact synonyms: Address, Cover, Deal, Plow, Treat
Generic synonyms: Broach, Initiate
Specialized synonyms: Theologise, Theologize, Discourse, Discuss, Talk About
Related verbs: Do By, Treat, Comprehend, Cover, Embrace, Encompass
Derivative terms: Coverage, Treatment

5. Verb. Touch, lift, or hold with the hands. "Don't handle the merchandise"
Exact synonyms: Palm
Specialized synonyms: Field, Fumble, Manipulate, Manhandle
Generic synonyms: Touch
Derivative terms: Handling, Palm, Palm

6. Verb. Handle effectively. "The young violinist didn't manage her bow very well"
Exact synonyms: Manage, Wield
Generic synonyms: Manipulate
Specialized synonyms: Ply, Pump, Sweep, Swing, Swing Out

7. Verb. Show and train. "The prize-winning poodle was handled by Mrs. Priscilla Prescott"
Generic synonyms: Control, Keep In Line, Manipulate
Derivative terms: Handler, Handler

Definition of Handle

1. v. t. To touch; to feel with the hand; to use or hold with the hand.

2. v. i. To use the hands.

3. n. That part of vessels, instruments, etc., which is held in the hand when used or moved, as the haft of a sword, the knob of a door, the bail of a kettle, etc.

Definition of Handle

1. Noun. A part of an object which is held in the hand when used or moved, as the haft of a sword, the knob of a door, the bail of a kettle, etc. ¹

2. Noun. That of which use is made; an instrument for effecting a purpose (either literally or figuratively); a tool. ¹

3. Noun. (Australia New Zealand) A 10 fl oz (285 ml) glass of beer in the Northern Territory. See also pot, middy for other regional variations. ¹

4. Noun. (American) a 1.75-liter (half-gallon) bottle of alcohol

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