Definition of Hangnails

1. Noun. (plural of hangnail) ¹

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Definition of Hangnails

1. hangnail [n] - See also: hangnail

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Literary usage of Hangnails

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Text-book of Homeopathic Materia Medica by George Royal (1920)
"The conditions for which the drug is useful are: eczema especially of eyebrows; warts of the palms of the hands; herpes circinatus; urticaria, hangnails ..."

2. American Adventures: A Second Trip "abroad at Home" by Julian Street (1917)
"His neckties are getting stringy, he has hangnails and a cough; he never could fix his own hangnails, and he cannot cure his cough because the bottle of ..."

3. Applied Physiology: Including the Effects of Alcohol and Narcotics by Frank Overton (1898)
"hangnails. — Sometimes a little tongue of skin at the root of the nail ... Sucking the fingers, or biting the nails, is likely to cause these hangnails. ..."

4. The Secrets of Distinctive Dress: Harmonious, Becoming, and Beautiful Dress by Mary Brooks Picken (1918)
"Should there be hangnails, trim them with the scissors, but be careful not to gouge the flesh. Applying vaseline to the nails at night will keep the cuticle ..."

5. Syphilis and Public Health by Edward Bright Vedder (1918)
"hangnails or existing abrasions should be covered with collodion. It is taken for granted that all dental instruments are always sterilized subsequent to ..."

6. Homœopathic Therapeutics by Samuel Lilienthal (1890)
"hangnails; complementary to Apis in panaritium. Thuja. ... Merc., Squil., Sep., Thuj., hangnails: Natr. m., Rhus, Sulph.; Calc., Lye., Merc., Sabad., Stann. ..."

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