Definition of Hard time

1. Noun. A difficulty that can be overcome with effort. "Analysts predicted rough sledding for handset makers"

Exact synonyms: Rough Sledding
Generic synonyms: Difficulty

2. Noun. A term served in a maximum security prison.
Generic synonyms: Prison Term, Sentence, Time

Definition of Hard time

1. Noun. Difficulties; a difficult time; trouble. ¹

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Literary usage of Hard time

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Biographical History of Lancaster County: Being a History of Early by Alexander Harris (1872)
"The Bishop even felt an interest in this place, where we had such a hard time to obtain a foothold. He preached morning and evening; James Smith at three, ..."

2. Ten Years in Oregon by Miss A. J. Allen, A. J. Allen (1848)
"Chapman's return for the minute book—hard time—A move—Return —White men—The Platte—Art nature—Platte crane—Polecat— Ash creek—Thompson—A present—Wolves—Kill ..."

3. In Search of a Post-Cold War Security Structure by Gregory D. Foster (1996)
"In Search of a Post-Cold War Security Structure GREGORY D. FOSTER Doing hard time in Psychic Prison In his immensely insightful book, Images of Organization ..."

4. A History of Muhlenberg County by Otto Arthur Rothert (1913)
"We have had a hard time during this campaign ; but we have no right to ... We have a pretty hard time, but the boys take it cheerfully. ..."

5. Letters from France by Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean (1917)
"CHAPTER XXVII A hard time France, November 28£/i. HE is having a hard time. I do not see that there is any reason to make light of it. ..."

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