Definition of Harley granville-barker

1. Noun. English actor and dramatist and critic and director noted for his productions of Shakespearean plays (1877-1946).

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Literary usage of Harley granville-barker

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Catalogue of the Allen A. Brown Collection of Books Relating to the Stage by Allen Augustus Brown (1919)
"See Barker, Harley Granville. Barker, Harley Granville. Scheme & estimates for a national theatre. By William Archer and Granville Barker. New York. ..."

2. Modern Drama and Opera: Reading Lists on the Works of Various Authors by Clara A. Mulliken Norton, Frank Keller Walter, Fanny Elsie Marquand, Archibald Henderson (1915)
"... Public Library Troy, NY BARLEY GRANVILLE BARKER (1877 ) Harley Granville Barker, actor, playwright, and manager, was born in London in 1877. ..."

3. Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature by H.W. Wilson Company (1914)
"1911, v. 1: 217- 28. Southern history In the South. Nation. 99: 14-5. Jl. 2, '14. Barker. Granville. Pee Barker, Harley Granville. Barker, Harley Granville ..."

4. W. B. Yeats: The Writing of Sophocles' King Oedipus by William Butler Yeats, David R. Clark (1989)
"Grab bases this conclusion on a 9 December 1910 letter from Gilbert Murray to Harley Granville Barker stating that the poet Herbert Trench had been ..."

5. The Best Plays by Burns Mantle, Louis Kronenberger (1921)
"English version by Harley Granville Barker. Copyright, 1921, by H. Granville Barker. Published by GP Putman's Sons, New York. Sacha Guitry, son of Lucien ..."

6. Contemporary British Literature: Bibliographies and Study Outlines by John Matthews Manly, Edith Rickert (1921)
"(Harley) Granville Barker—dramatist. Born in 1877. Actor and manager. In 1904 he combined with Vedrenne in the management of the Court Theatre, ..."

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