Definition of Harlow

1. Noun. United States film actress who made several films with Clark Gable (1911-1937).

Exact synonyms: Harlean Carpenter, Jean Harlow
Generic synonyms: Actress

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Literary usage of Harlow

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dictionary of National Biography by LESLIE. STEPHEN (1890)
"harlow received a commission from Mr. Welch, the musician, to paint a portrait of Mr dons as Queen Katharine in Shakespeare* ' Henry VIII. ..."

2. Cyclopædia of Wit and Humor by Wayne E. Burton (1867)
"Did Humpy harlow tell you that story?" we all exclaimed at once. ... We must have it out of harlow to-night, or there is an end of all the grounds and ..."

3. Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth: Part I. Historical Sketch and Titles of by William Thomas Davis (1883)
"In 1827 it was conveyed by his hoirs to their co-heir, David harlow, ... The next lot on Pleasant Street was sold by the heirs of Jesse harlow in 1827 to ..."

4. The Chronicle of Jocelin of Brakelond, Monk of St. Edmundsbury: A Picture of by Jocelin de Brakelond, Jocelin, Lionel Cecil Jane, Francis Aidan Gasquet (1907)
"HOW THE ABBOT DID NOT THEN TAKE harlow INTO HIS OWN HAND BUT the abbot delayed to receive harlow, and for this cause. It chanced that once when we were ..."

5. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the English Courts of Common Law by Great Britain Bail Court (1864)
"Warren said, on more than one occasion, that harlow paid him rent and was his ... He had let in harlow as tenant before Messrs. Poole's title accrued. ..."

6. Men of Mark in Connecticut: Ideals of American Life Told in Biographies and edited by Norris Galpin Osborn (1907)
"Sergeant William harlow held various town offices in Plymouth and was one of its ... William Burt harlow was born in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, ..."

7. Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of by Ellery Bicknell Crane (1907)
"Major harlow spent the summer of 1004 abroad with his daughter. ... After his return form the war, at Spencer, May 31, 1863, Major harlow married Jeannette ..."

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