Definition of Hayti

1. Noun. An island in the West Indies.

Exact synonyms: Haiti, Hispaniola
Group relationships: Greater Antilles
Terms within: Haiti, Republic Of Haiti, Dominican Republic
Generic synonyms: Island
Derivative terms: Hispaniolan

Definition of Hayti

1. Proper noun. (archaic form of Haiti) ¹

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Literary usage of Hayti

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and of the Political by John Joseph Lalor (1883)
"hayti. history of San Domingo are known. In the sixteenth century the ... Leclerc, with 20000 men, to reconquer hayti and re-establish affairs on a former ..."

2. Haydn's Dictionary of Dates and Universal Information Relating to All Ages by Joseph Haydn, Benjamin Vincent (1889)
"hayti or HAITI, Indian name of a West Indian island, discovered by Columbus in Dec. ... 1823 St Domingo and the eastern part of hayti proclaim the ..."

3. A History of the People of the United States: From the Revolution to the by John Bach McMaster (1900)
"With nothing connected with slavery can we consent to treat with other nations, and least of all ought we to touch the question of the independence of hayti ..."

4. History of the Antislavery Measures of the Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth by Henry Wilson (1865)
"On the 22d of April, Mr. Sumner moved to take up the bill to authorize the President to appoint diplomatic representatives to the republics of hayti and ..."

5. The Annual of Scientific Discovery, Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art by David Ames Wells, George Bliss, Samuel Kneeland, John Trowbridge, Charles Robert Cross (1859)
"ON THE GEOLOGY OF hayti. At a recent meeting of the Boston Society of Natural History, Dr. DF Wineland read a paper on some points of the geology of hayti, ..."

6. The Progress of America, from the Discovery by Columbus to the Year 1846 by John Macgregor (1847)
"STATISTICS OF hayti. of this article, the staple produce of hayti, is annually decreasing, owing to large supplies of coffee being now imported by European ..."

7. The Friend of Peace by Noah Worcester, Massachusetts Peace Society (1821)
"Republic of hayti. JEAN PIERRE BOYER, PRESIDENT OF hayti. ... are those, which h*ve always guided the conduct of the Republic of hayti. ..."

8. An Historical and Statistical Account of the Foreign Commerce of the United by Isaac Smith Homans (1857)
"hayti. The government, first a kingdom under Christophe, and afterward a republic ... hayti, though applicable to the whole island, is, under the present ..."

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