Definition of Head gate

1. Noun. Regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice.

Exact synonyms: Floodgate, Penstock, Sluice Valve, Sluicegate, Water Gate
Generic synonyms: Regulator
Group relationships: Penstock, Sluice, Sluiceway

2. Noun. A gate upstream from a lock or canal that is used to control the flow of water at the upper end.
Generic synonyms: Gate

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Literary usage of Head gate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Modern Turbine Practice, and Water-power Plants by John Wolf Thurso (1907)
"The head-gate is used for shutting off the water from ... 72 to 75 is shown a sliding steel head-gate provided with a balance-port. ..."

2. Lawyers' Reports Annotated by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company (1917)
"supra, that if a consumer with a half water right could demand a head gate, so could one with a smaller fractional water right ; but the court regarded this ..."

3. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of by Michigan Supreme Court, Samuel Townsend Douglass (1878)
"He refused to attend, and thereupon Norris put into the dam a head gate with an aperture two feet square in it, for the water to pass through from the mill ..."

4. Treatise Relative to the Testing of Water-wheels and Machinery: Also of by James Emerson (1894)
"This Huma is provided with a tank, 15, containing a valve operating float, l(i, like that hereinbefore described for the head-gate, into which tank the ..."

5. Lowell Hydraulic Experiments: Being a Selection from Experiments on by James Bicheno Francis (1871)
"The quantity of water discharged by the wheel is usually regulated by the head gate, admitting the water from the river into the forebay above the wheel. ..."

6. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Chancery of the State by Michigan Court of Chancery, Randolph Manning, Henry Nelson Walker, Marshall Davis Ewell (1878)
"That, in May, 1839, defendants still refusing to assist in putting in a head-gate, complainant caused a new head-gate, with an aperture as aforesaid to be ..."

7. The Imperial Valley and the Salton Sink by Harry Thomas Cory, William Phipps Blake (1915)
"In September, 1906, a canal, from the river to the head-gate, was excavated by teams and Fresno scrapers. This intake was made 100 ft. wide at the bottom, ..."

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