Definition of Heat of solidification

1. Noun. Heat liberated by a unit mass of liquid at its freezing point when it solidifies.

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Literary usage of Heat of solidification

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and (1899)
"And the total heat of solidification, while probably not exactly proportional to the total heat of fusion, is probably far more nearly so than the ..."

2. Principles of Inorganic Chemistry by Harry Clary Jones (1906)
"This is known as the heat of solidification. The heat of solidification of water is exactly equal to the heat of fusion of ice, as has been shown ..."

3. An Elementary Study of Chemistry by William McPherson, William Edwards Henderson (1917)
"heat of solidification. The heat given out when 1 g. of a liquid at its freezing point solidifies to 1 g. of solid is called the heat of solidification. ..."

4. General Metallurgy by Heinrich Oscar Hofman (1913)
"In the determination of the total heat of solidification, a slag mixture is melted in a crucible, cooled and partially solidified, and the remaining molten ..."

5. The Metallography and Heat Treatment of Iron and Steel by Albert Sauveur (1918)
"... to the solid state, when heat is evolved (the latent heat of solidification in case of a substance passing from the liquid to the solid state, etc. ..."

6. Physico-chemical Methods by Isidor Traube, Willett Lepley Hardin (1898)
"Then, if E is the heat of solidification of the substance, ... The determination of the heat of solidification according to the above method is sometimes ..."

7. Elements of the Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates by Gustav Mann, Walther Löb, Henry William Frederic Lorenz, Robert Wiedersheim, William Newton Parker, Thomas Jeffery Parker, Harry Clary Jones, Sunao Tawara, Leverett White Brownell, Max Julius Louis Le Blanc, Willis Rodney Whitney, John Wesley Brown, Wi (1907)
"This heat of solidification is exactly equal to the latent heat of fusion. The latent heat of fusion of liquids, like their latent heat of vaporization, ..."

8. Laboratory Exercises in Physical Chemistry by Frederick Hutton Getman (1908)
"Denoting the heat of solidification by E, the formula for this quantity can be shown to be Method of Operation. — The substance in either the solid or the ..."

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