Definition of Heavy

1. Noun. An actor who plays villainous roles.

Generic synonyms: Actor, Histrion, Player, Role Player, Thespian

2. Adjective. Of comparatively great physical weight or density. "Heavy mahogany furniture"
Attributes: Weight
Similar to: Dense, Doughy, Soggy, Heavier-than-air, Hefty, Massive, Non-buoyant, Ponderous
Derivative terms: Heaviness
Antonyms: Light

3. Adverb. Slowly as if burdened by much weight. "Time hung heavy on their hands"
Exact synonyms: Heavily

4. Noun. A serious (or tragic) role in a play.
Generic synonyms: Character, Part, Persona, Role, Theatrical Role

5. Adjective. Unusually great in degree or quantity or number. "Heavy traffic"
Similar to: Harsh
Derivative terms: Heaviness
Antonyms: Light

6. Adjective. Of the military or industry; using (or being) the heaviest and most powerful armaments or weapons or equipment. "Heavy industry involves large-scale production of basic products (such as steel) used by other industries"
Antonyms: Light

7. Adjective. Marked by great psychological weight; weighted down especially with sadness or troubles or weariness. "Heavy eyelids"

8. Adjective. Usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it.
Exact synonyms: Fleshy, Overweight
Similar to: Fat
Derivative terms: Fleshiness, Heaviness, Overweight

9. Adjective. (used of soil) compact and fine-grained. "The clayey soil was heavy and easily saturated"
Exact synonyms: Clayey, Cloggy
Similar to: Compact

10. Adjective. Darkened by clouds. "A heavy sky"
Exact synonyms: Lowering, Sullen, Threatening
Similar to: Cloudy
Derivative terms: Sullenness

11. Adjective. Of great intensity or power or force. "Heavy seas"
Similar to: Big
Antonyms: Light

12. Adjective. (physics, chemistry) being or containing an isotope with greater than average atomic mass or weight. "Heavy water"
Category relationships: Chemical Science, Chemistry
Derivative terms: Heaviness
Antonyms: Light

13. Adjective. (of an actor or role) being or playing the villain. "Iago is the heavy role in `Othello'"
Similar to: Wicked

14. Adjective. Permitting little if any light to pass through because of denseness of matter. "Impenetrable gloom"
Exact synonyms: Dense, Impenetrable
Similar to: Thick
Derivative terms: Density

15. Adjective. Of relatively large extent and density. "A heavy line"
Similar to: Thick
Derivative terms: Heaviness

16. Adjective. Made of fabric having considerable thickness. "A heavy coat"
Similar to: Thick

17. Adjective. Prodigious. "Heavy investor"
Exact synonyms: Big
Similar to: Intemperate

18. Adjective. Full and loud and deep. "A herald chosen for his sonorous voice"
Exact synonyms: Sonorous
Similar to: Full
Derivative terms: Sonority, Sonorousness

19. Adjective. Given to excessive indulgence of bodily appetites especially for intoxicating liquors. "A hard drinker"
Exact synonyms: Hard, Intemperate
Similar to: Indulgent
Derivative terms: Intemperateness, Intemperateness

20. Adjective. Of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought. "The weighty matters to be discussed at the peace conference"
Exact synonyms: Grave, Grievous, Weighty
Similar to: Important, Of Import
Derivative terms: Graveness, Gravity, Weight, Weightiness

21. Adjective. Slow and laborious because of weight. "A ponderous yawn"
Exact synonyms: Lumbering, Ponderous
Similar to: Heavy-footed
Derivative terms: Ponderousness

22. Adjective. Large and powerful; especially designed for heavy loads or rough work. "Heavy machinery"
Similar to: Heavy-duty

23. Adjective. Dense or inadequately leavened and hence likely to cause distress in the alimentary canal. "A heavy pudding"
Similar to: Indigestible

24. Adjective. Sharply inclined. "A heavy grade"
Similar to: Steep

25. Adjective. Full of; bearing great weight. "Vines weighed down with grapes"
Exact synonyms: Weighed Down
Similar to: Full
Derivative terms: Heaviness

26. Adjective. Requiring or showing effort. "The subject made for labored reading"
Exact synonyms: Labored, Laboured
Similar to: Effortful

27. Adjective. Characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort. "Set a punishing pace"

28. Adjective. Lacking lightness or liveliness. "A leaden conversation"
Exact synonyms: Leaden
Similar to: Dull
Derivative terms: Heaviness

29. Adjective. (of sleep) deep and complete. "Deep wakeless sleep"
Exact synonyms: Profound, Sound, Wakeless
Similar to: Deep
Derivative terms: Profoundness

30. Adjective. In an advanced stage of pregnancy. "Was great with child"
Exact synonyms: Big, Enceinte, Expectant, Gravid, Great, Large, With Child
Similar to: Pregnant
Derivative terms: Expect, Expect, Gravidity, Gravidness, Largeness

Definition of Heavy

1. a. Having the heaves.

2. a. Heaved or lifted with labor; not light; weighty; ponderous; as, a heavy stone; hence, sometimes, large in extent, quantity, or effects; as, a heavy fall of rain or snow; a heavy failure; heavy business transactions, etc.; often implying strength; as, a heavy barrier; also, difficult to move; as, a heavy draught.

3. adv. Heavily; -- sometimes used in composition; as, heavy-laden.

4. v. t. To make heavy.

Definition of Heavy

1. Adjective. (context: of a physical object) Having great weight. ¹

2. Adjective. (context: of a topic) Serious, somber. ¹

3. Adjective. (British slang) good. ¹

4. Adjective. (dated late 1960s 1970s US) Profound. ¹

5. Adjective. (context: of a rate of flow) High, great. ¹

6. Adjective. (slang) armed. ¹

7. Adjective. (context: Music terminology) louder, more distorted ¹

8. Adjective. (context: of weather) hot and humid ¹

9. Adjective. (context: of a person) doing the specified activity more intensely than most other people. ¹

10. Adjective. (context: of food) high in fat or protein; difficult to digest. ¹

11. Adjective. Of great force, power, or intensity; deep or intense; ¹

12. Adjective. laden to a great extent. ¹

13. Adverb. (India colloquial) very ¹

14. Noun. A villain or bad guy; the one responsible for evil or aggressive acts. ¹

15. Noun. (slang) A doorman, bouncer or bodyguard. ¹

16. Noun. (aviation) A large multi-engined aircraft. ¹

17. Verb. (context: often with "up") To make heavier. ¹

18. Verb. To sadden. ¹

19. Verb. (Australia New Zealand informal) To use power and/or wealth to exert influence on, e.g., governments or corporations; to pressure. ¹

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Definition of Heavy

1. having much weight [adj HEAVIER, HEAVIEST] : HEAVILY [adv] / a villain [n HEAVIES] - See also: villain

Medical Definition of Heavy

1. 1. Heaved or lifted with labour; not light; weighty; ponderous; as, a heavy stone; hence, sometimes, large in extent, quantity, or effects; as, a heavy fall of rain or snow; a heavy failure; heavy business transactions, etc.; often implying strength; as, a heavy barrier; also, difficult to move; as, a heavy draught. 2. Not easy to bear; burdensome; oppressive; hard to endure or accomplish; hence, grievous, afflictive; as, heavy yokes, expenses, undertakings, trials, news, etc. "The hand of the Lord was heavy upon them of Ashdod." (1 Sam. V. 6) "The king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make." (Shak) "Sent hither to impart the heavy news." (Wordsworth) "Trust him not in matter of heavy consequence." (Shak) 3. Laden with that which is weighty; encumbered; burdened; bowed down, either with an actual burden, or with care, grief, pain, disappointment. "The heavy [sorrowing] nobles all in council were." (Chapman) "A light wife doth make a heavy husband." (Shak) 4. Slow; sluggish; inactive; or lifeless, dull, inanimate, stupid; as, a heavy gait, looks, manners, style, and the like; a heavy writer or book. "Whilst the heavy plowman snores." (Shak) "Of a heavy, dull, degenerate mind." (Dryden) "Neither [is] his ear heavy, that it can not hear." (Is. Lix. 1) 5. Strong; violent; forcible; as, a heavy sea, storm, cannonade, and the like. 6. Loud; deep; said of sound; as, heavy thunder. "But, hark! that heavy sound breaks in once more." (Byron) 7. Dark with clouds, or ready to rain; gloomy; said of the sky. 8. Impeding motion; cloggy; clayey; said of earth; as, a heavy road, soil, and the like. 9. Not raised or made light; as, heavy bread. 10. Not agreeable to, or suitable for, the stomach; not easily digested; said of food. 11. Having much body or strength; said of wines, or other liquors. 12. With child; pregnant. Heavy artillery. See Metal. Heavy weight, in wrestling, boxing, etc, a term applied to the heaviest of the classes into which contestants are divided. Cf. Feather weight, under Feather. Heavy is used in composition to form many words which need no special explanation; as, heavy-built, heavy-browed, heavy-gaited, etc. Origin: OE. Hevi, AS. Hefig, fr. Hebban to lift, heave; akin to OHG. Hebig, hevig, Icel. Hofigr, hofugr. See Heave. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Heavy

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1883)
"From the structure of native macro- globulin which appears to consist of a circular pentamer of five subunits each composed of two light (L) and two heavy ..."

2. The Iliad of Homer by Homer, John Graham Cordery (1871)
"heavy the price for Hector thou hast paid ; 850 But thrice as heavy ransom will thy sons Have yet to pay for thee a captive here, Were this thy presence ..."

3. Looking Backward, 2000-1887 by Edward Bellamy (1917)
"heavy rainstorm came up during the day, and I had concluded that the condition of the streets would be such that my hosts would have to give up the idea of ..."

4. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (1839)
"... him in the violence of his rage till his teeth chattered in his head, and, collecting his whole force into one heavy blow, felled him to the ground. ..."

5. The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan (1860)
"heavy burden : but get it off myself I cannot; nor is there any man in our country that can take it off my shoulders; therefore am I going this way, ..."

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