Definition of Heliums

1. Noun. (plural of helium) ¹

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Definition of Heliums

1. helium [n] - See also: helium

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Literary usage of Heliums

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The History of Methodism in Kentucky by Albert Henry Redford (1870)
"... in Breckinridge county—Thomas Taylor—Margaret Taylor—Licking Circuit—Increase of membership—The Conference of 1805—Bishop Asbury present—Thomas heliums- ..."

2. History of Methodism in Illinois, from 1793 to 1832 by James Leaton (1883)
"ILLINOIS DISTRICT—Jesse Haile, PE Shoal Creek and Illinois—SH Thompson, Thomas heliums, Jacob Whitesides, Sup. Okaw—Josiah Patterson. ..."

3. Spons' Mechanics' Own Book: A Manual for Handicraftsmen and Amateurs by Spon (1901)
"... mw of heliums Is secured to the rafters with a young tough twig, ... and over the top of the heliums, and -1-i' to the inside rafter of the ..."

4. Right and Riches by Charles Orville McCasland (1908)
"He sees coal has dropped to 6 heliums, iron has advanced to 25 heliums, ... That to pay the debt of 15 heliums contracted he must give 15 pounds of butter. ..."

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