Definition of Hellenic republic

1. Noun. A republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil.

Exact synonyms: Ellas, Greece
Geographical relationships: Actium, Chaeronea, Battle Of Lepanto, Lepanto, Battle Of Leuctra, Leuctra, Mantinea, Mantineia, Battle Of Marathon, Marathon, Battle Of Navarino, Navarino, Battle Of Pharsalus, Pharsalus, Battle Of Thermopylae, Thermopylae, Balkan Wars, Bay Wreath, Laurel, Laurel Wreath, Pantheon, Trojan Horse, Wooden Horse, Hybrid, Loan-blend, Loanblend, Dithyramb, Greek, Hellenic, Hellenic Language, Paean, Pean, Torch Race, Souvlaki, Souvlakia, 17 November, Revolutionary Organization 17 November, Ela, Revolutionary People's Struggle, Midas, Sisyphus, Cacodaemon, Cacodemon, Eudaemon, Eudemon, Good Spirit, Bacchus, Choragus, Sibyl, Optative, Optative Mood
Group relationships: Common Market, Ec, Eec, Eu, Europe, European Community, European Economic Community, European Union, Nato, North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Generic synonyms: Balkan Country, Balkan Nation, Balkan State
Terms within: Achaea, Aegina, Aigina, Chios, Khios, Cyclades, Kikladhes, Dhodhekanisos, Dodecanese, Doris, Lesbos, Lesvos, Mytilene, Rhodes, Rodhos, Crete, Kriti, Ithaca, Ithaki, Athos, Mount Athos, Athens, Athinai, Capital Of Greece, Greek Capital, Actium, Attica, Corinth, Korinthos, Argos, Delphi, Mycenae, Epirus, Laconia, Nemea, Boeotia, Salonica, Salonika, Thessalonica, Thessaloniki, Stagira, Stagirus, Thessalia, Thessaly, Arcadia, Peloponnese, Peloponnesian Peninsula, Peloponnesus, Lemnos, Limnos, Mount Olympus, Mt. Olympus, Olimbos, Olympus, Liakoura, Mount Parnassus, Parnassus, Gulf Of Aegina, Saronic Gulf
Group relationships: Europe
Member holonyms: Greek, Hellene, Grecian

Definition of Hellenic republic

1. Proper noun. The official English name of Greece. ¹

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Literary usage of Hellenic republic

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Energy Policies of IEA Countries by International Energy Agency (1998)
"2299 (Unofficial Translation) Official Journal of the hellenic republic 3317-3319 Part One Volume 66 7 April 1995 Ratification of the Amendment of 1 July ..."

2. A Visit to Greece in 1823 and 1824 by George Waddington (1825)
"... peaks, and promontories, for ever, I will devote a few moments to a short description of the actual extent and force of the hellenic republic, and, ..."

3. Entangled Allies: U.S. Policy Toward Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus by Monteagle Stearns (1992)
"... Cooperation Agreement of May 30, 1990, Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the hellenic republic* Preamble ..."

4. Energy Policies of IEA Countries by International Energy Agency (2002)
"In November 2001, the company's shareholding structure was as follows: the Hellenic Republic 58.4%, state-owned Hellenic Finance 9.6%, and free-floating ..."

5. Threats to Democracy: Prevention and Response : Report of an Independent by Madeleine Korbel Albright, Bronislaw Geremek, Morton H. Halperin (2003)
"... hellenic republic, Republic of Hungary, Republic of Iceland, Republic of India, Republic of Indonesia, Ireland, State of Israel, Italian Republic, ..."

6. Enhancing U.S. Leadership at the United Nations: Report of an Independent by David Dreier, Lee Hamilton, Lee Feinstein, Adrian Karatnycky (2002)
"... Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Guatemala, Republic of Haiti, Hellenic Republic, Republic of Hungary, Republic of Iceland, Republic of India, ..."

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