Definition of Helmholtz

1. Noun. German physiologist and physicist (1821-1894).

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Literary usage of Helmholtz

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Foundations of Science: Science and Hypothesis, The Value of Science by Henri Poincaré (1913)
"THEORY OP helmholtz.—I have dwelt upon the consequences of Ampere's theory, ... We understand therefore why helmholtz was led to seek something else. ..."

2. The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses by William Horatio Bates (1920)
"I worked for a year or more with the technique of helmholtz, but was unable to obtain ... Not only was it blurred, just as helmholtz stated, but without any ..."

3. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Londonby Royal Society (Great Britain) by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1896)
"WHF HERMANN VON helmholtz was born in Potsdam, on August 31, 1821. His father was a Professor of Literature in the Gymnasium of that town. ..."

4. The Contemporary Review (1875)
"CHAPPELL AND PROFESSOR helmholtz. fI^HOSE who have attended to the recent progress of acoustical 1 science are aware that, about twelve years ago, ..."

5. Sophus Lie's 1880 transformation group paper by Sophus Lie, Robert Hermann (1975)
"22.6 THE RIEMANN-helmholtz SPACE-FORM PROBLEM The Riemann-helmholtz investigations of the facts which are at the basis of geometry stand in a direct ..."

6. The Edinburgh Review by Sydney Smith (1881)
"TN his' Popular Lectures on Scientific Subjects,' first presented to English readers about seven years ago, Professor helmholtz dwelt with some measure of ..."

7. A History of European Thought in the Nineteenth Century by John Theodore Merz (1903)
"1 Emil du Bois - Reymond, in many passages of his remarkable addresses, and latterly in his appreciative Eloge of helmholtz (Leipzig, 1897), has preserved ..."

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