Definition of Henry le chatelier

1. Noun. French chemist who formulated Le Chatelier's principle (1850-1936).

Exact synonyms: Le Chatelier
Generic synonyms: Chemist

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Literary usage of Henry le chatelier

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Chemical Abstracts by American Chemical Society (1916)
"henry le chatelier. Compt. rend. 162, 29-32 (1916).—Le С. replies to Colson's criticism of the application of the Le Chatelier principle to soins, ..."

2. The Engineering Index Annual for by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1911)
"henry le chatelier. A general discussion of the subject', with a criticism by MG Charpy ... henry le chatelier. Read before the Int. Assn. for Testing Mats. ..."

3. Biochemical Bulletin by Columbia University (1912)
"In an article on the value of classical instruction in the preparation of young people for the technical schools, M. henry le chatelier, professor at the ..."

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