Definition of Hermann goering

1. Noun. German politician in Nazi Germany who founded the Gestapo and mobilized Germany for war (1893-1946).

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Literary usage of Hermann goering

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Case Studies in the Achievement of Air Superiority by B. Franklin Cooling, Center for Air Force History (U.S.) (1994)
"... zoomed astronomically to about 5000 weekly (versus Field Marshal Albert Kesselring (left) and Reich Marshal hermann goering (far right). ..."

2. Case Studies in the Development of Close Air Support by Benjamin Franklin Cooling (1990)
"The RAF Bomber Command attacked the Ruhr in a series of Flanked by Luftwaffe senior officers, Reich Marshal hermann goering interviews a German airman in ..."

3. The Air Campaign: Planning for Combat by John A. Warden, III (1995)
"The RAF was beginning to suffer badly.6 Then, at the end of the first week in September, hermann goering, Nazi Germany's air chief, made a momentous ..."

4. Ideas, Concepts, Doctrine: Basic Thinking in the United States Air Force by Robert Frank Futrell (1989)
"... however, would point out that attaining Allied air superiority over Europe was in no small part attributable to mistakes made by hermann goering. ..."

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