Definition of Hexagon

1. Noun. A six-sided polygon.

Generic synonyms: Polygon, Polygonal Shape
Specialized synonyms: Regular Hexagon
Derivative terms: Hexagonal

Definition of Hexagon

1. n. A plane figure of six angles.

Definition of Hexagon

1. Noun. A polygon with six sides and six angles. ¹

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Definition of Hexagon

1. a polygon having six sides [n -S]

Medical Definition of Hexagon

1. A plane figure of six angles. Regular hexagon, a hexagon in which the angles are all equal, and the sides are also all equal. Origin: L. Hexagonum, Gr. Six-cornered; six (akin to E. Six) + angle. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Hexagon

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Treatise on the Analytic Geometry of Three Dimensions by George Salmon (1882)
"that if this be the case, each pair of opposite sides of the hexagon ... Thus three alternate sides of such a hexagon are met each by the other three, ..."

2. Transactions of the Annual Meetings of the Kansas Academy of Science by Kansas Academy of Science, Kansas Academy of Science Meeting (1896)
"In figure 54 a second harmonic hexagon is presented, which has all the • peculiarities ... 55, appearing like an altogether different harmonic hexagon. ..."

3. The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1897)
"For if Pythagoras viewed the hexagon formed of two crossed triangles as the symbol of ... The great power of the hexagon—with its central mystic sign the T, ..."

4. Elements of Mechanical Drawing by Gardner Chace Anthony (1904)
"With K as center, describe circle ACE, and in this inscribe a hexagon by Art. 64. ... Draw BC and FE to complete the hexagon. To obtain B without finding K ..."

5. Elements of Mechanical Drawing: The Use of Instruments, Theory of Projection by Gardner Chace Anthony (1909)
"To draw a hexagon having given a long diameter, AD. Fig. 75. Bisect AD. With K as center, describe circle ACE, and in this inscribe a hexagon by Art. 64. ..."

6. Shop Mathematics by Earle Bertram Norris, Kenneth Gardner Smith, Ralph Thurman Craigo (1913)
"Area of a hexagon.—The area of a hexagon is figured as follows (see Fig. 113). The area of one of the six equilateral triangles equals \ the base times the ..."

7. Mathematical Questions and Solutions, from "The Educational Times", with edited by Constance I Marks (1901)
"Therefore mean value of the hexagon LMN... = Î of hexagon ABC..., and therefore mean value of the hexagon Imn.. ..."

8. An Elementary Treatise on Plane and Solid Geometry by Benjamin Peirce (1873)
"To inscribe a Square and a hexagon. 4 times the number of sides of the given polygon ; and, ... To inscribe in a given circle a regular hexagon. Solution. ..."

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