Definition of High status

1. Noun. A position of superior status.

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Literary usage of High status

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Tracking Gender Equity Under Economic Reforms: Continuity and Change in by Swapna Mukhopadhyay, Ratna M. Sudarshan (2003)
"... Family Structure, Women's Education and Work: Re-examining the high status of Women in Kerala MRIDUL EAPEN AND PRAVEENA ..."

2. The City: Urban Communities and Their Problems by Alan S. Berger (1978)
"During the l960s the proportion of workers with high incomes, high levels of education, and high-status jobs increased in both cities and suburbs. ..."

3. Mental Health, United States, 1998 edited by Ronald W Manderscheid, Marilyn J Henderson (1999)
"Stated differently, the respondents residing in high status metropolitan ... The corresponding percentages for the residents of high status inner fringe ..."

4. The Importance Of Women's Status For Child Nutrition In Developing Countries by Lisa C. Smith (2003)
"Figure B.1 Predicted probability of a woman having “high” status, by indicators ... high status is as ..."

5. Achieving High Educational Standards for All: Conference Summary by Christopher F. Edley, Timothy Ready, Catherine E. Snow (2002)
"Further research is required to understand why high-status blacks are less likely to attend college than white and Hispanic youth with similar backgrounds. ..."

6. The Popular Science Monthly (1877)
"... necessarily implies a low status of women, and monogamy, if it does not necessarily imply a high status, is an essential condition to a high status. ..."

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