Definition of Himalayan rhubarb

1. Noun. Asian herb (Himalayas).

Exact synonyms: Indian Rhubarb, Red-veined Pie Plant, Rheum Australe, Rheum Emodi
Group relationships: Genus Rheum, Rheum
Generic synonyms: Rhubarb, Rhubarb Plant

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Literary usage of Himalayan rhubarb

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Hand-book of the Economic Products of the Punjab: With a Combined Index and by Baden Henry Baden-Powell (1868)
"The above four species yield part of the himalayan rhubarb, according to PEREIRA ... At present, himalayan rhubarb makes its way sparingly to the plains of ..."

2. Pharmacographia Indica: A History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin by William Dymock (1893)
"The first kind so exactly corresponds with the stick rhubarb imported from China, that we are of opinion that it was not himalayan rhubarb, whilst the ..."

3. Medicinal Plants: Being Descriptions with Original Figures of the Principal Robert Bentley, Henry Trimen by Robert Bentley, Henry Trimen (1880)
"These kinds are known respectively as French, German, Austrian, and Indian or himalayan rhubarb. French rhubarb ia chiefly derived from Rheum Rhaponticum ..."

4. Pharmacopœia of India: Prepared Under the Authority of Her Majesty's by Edward John Waring (1868)
"The roots of these plants, inhabiting the elevated portions of Himalaya, constitute the principal portion of the Indian or himalayan rhubarb. ..."

5. Transactions of the Medical and Physical Society of Calcutta by Medical and Physical Society of Calcutta (1829)
"But from the looseness of texture of the dried root of the himalayan rhubarb, in comparison •with that of the Rhubarb of commerce, as well as from its very ..."

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