Definition of Hip-length

1. Adjective. Extending to or just over the hips. "A hiplength jacket"

Exact synonyms: Hiplength
Partainyms: Hipline, Hipline

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Literary usage of Hip-length

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Clothing for Women; Selection, Design, Construction: A Practical Manual for by Laura Irene Baldt (1916)
"In taking these measures, they will be found to vary, the center front being shorter than the hip length, and the center back either longer or shorter than ..."

2. Shelter and Clothing: A Textbook of the Household Arts by Helen Kinne, Anna Maria Cooley (1913)
"Find the difference in length between the front length and larger hip length and measure the difference above point G for point H. This FIG. 109. ..."

3. List of Officers and Members, By-laws, Regulations, List of Awards, Etc by Carnegie Hero Fund Commission (1907)
"Herwig waded twenty feet and then swam sixty feet farther in the Shenango River, encumbered with heavy clothing and hip-length rubber boots, ..."

4. Carpentry and Building (1908)
"Run of hip. Length of hip. Line В J. Length of end rafter. Run of side rafter. Spaces between centers of jacks. Run of end rafter. Length of side rafter Run ..."

5. The Gentleman's Magazine (1790)
"... under his lee quarter (within half a {hip's length), and without hailing wantonly fired two (hot athwart the Tre- lawney Hauler's üt-ni, ..."

6. The Encyclopaedia of Sport by Frederick George Aflalo, Hedley Peek (1897)
"Extreme height from ground to above hip. Length of limbs as separate items where practicable. Girth of limbs in three places : at foot, "knee," and junction ..."

7. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1919)
"There is a considerable variety of pattern in rubber footwear, from the low "footholds" to the fisherman's hip length boot. The most common use is as an ..."

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