Definition of Historical linguistics

1. Noun. The study of linguistic change. "The synchrony and diachrony of language"

Exact synonyms: Diachronic Linguistics, Diachrony
Generic synonyms: Linguistics
Terms within: Sound Law
Examples of category: Derivation, Deriving, Etymologizing
Derivative terms: Diachronic

Definition of Historical linguistics

1. Noun. (linguistics) The scientific study of language change. ¹

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Literary usage of Historical linguistics

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. From Latin to Spanish by Paul M. Lloyd (1987)
"Implications for historical linguistics There is no reason for assuming that phonetic change in the past operated any differently than it does today. ..."

2. A Supplement to A Guide to Manuscripts Relating to the American Indian in by Daythal Kendall, John F. Freeman (1982)
"... 4877-4888, 4918-4920; comparative vocabulary, 4884-4887; contents of recordings, 4675; Fuerte and Guaymas, 4887; historical linguistics, 4884-4886; ..."

3. Calcutta Review by University of Calcutta (1844)
"His greatest achievement as a linguist is that he succeeded in refining the tools and procedures of comparative and historical linguistics to use them in ..."

4. On Calculating the Factor of Chance in Language Comparison by Donald A. Ringe (1992)
"... familiar terms "regularly corresponding" and "recurrent sound correspondence" because of their technical meaning in traditional historical linguistics. ..."

5. The Bulungan Ethnobiology Handbook: A Field Manual for Biological and Social Rajindra K. Puri by Rajindra K. Puri (2001)
"... provides the basis for future analyses of regional patterns of resource use, ethnobiological classification, and comparative and historical linguistics. ..."

6. An Introduction to the Study of Language by Leonard Bloomfield (1914)
"... important as to the relation of psychology, descriptive linguistics, and historical linguistics: W. Wundt, Sprachgeschichte und Sprachpsychologie, ..."

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