Definition of Hit the jackpot

1. Verb. Succeed by luck. "I lucked out and found the last parking spot in the lot"

Definition of Hit the jackpot

1. Verb. (idiomatic) To receive a more favorable outcome than imagined, especially by good luck. ¹

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Literary usage of Hit the jackpot

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Nonfiction Matters: Reading, Writing, and Research in Grades 3-8 by Stephanie Harvey (1998)
"I search far and wide for inexpensive furnishings to soften the classroom and frequently hit the jackpot at garage sales. Conveniently placed resources and ..."

2. Punitive Damages: Tort Reform & Fda Defenses: Hearings Before the Committee edited by Orrin G. Hatch (1998)
"He won and hit the jackpot. At the trial, the jury was allowed to assess the damages for each of the partially refinished vehicles that had been sold ..."

3. Partnering Against Terrorism: Summary of a Workshop by Charles W. Wessner (2005)
"... that "best bet" that might hit the jackpot for the university—while providing little or no attention for ideas that seemed less promising financially. ..."

4. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Developer's Workshopby John Clark Craig, Jeff Webb by John Clark Craig, Jeff Webb (1998)
"... added an option to simulate the purchase of 1000 lottery tickets so that you can see how hard it is to hit the jackpot even if you buy a lot of tickets. ..."

5. The Theatre of Violence: Narratives of Protagonists in the South African by Don H. Foster, Paul Haupt, Maresa de Beer (2005)
"But I think it is typical for a teacher - you have.. .one out of a hundred that you hit the jackpot. You don't expect to hit... 90 per cent. ..."

6. Mexico's Gulf Coast by Joanie Sanchez (2004)
"If what you were hoping for was soft wide beaches, crystal-clear green waters, inviting ocean surf - you've hit the jackpot at La Barra. ..."

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