Definition of Hog peanut

1. Noun. Vine widely distributed in eastern North America producing racemes of purple to maroon flowers and abundant (usually subterranean) edible one-seeded pods resembling peanuts.

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Literary usage of Hog peanut

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Lake Maxinkuckee: A Physical and Biological Survey by Barton Warren Evermann, Howard Walton Clark (1920)
"The tops of the hog-peanut are eagerly eaten by cattle and would probably ... The roots of the hog-peanut abound in tubercles and it would undoubtedly be a ..."

2. Botany: An Elementary Text for Schools by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1901)
"215 shows a cleistogamous flower of the hog- peanut at a. ... The pupil must not confound the nodules on the roots of hog-peanut with the cleistogamous ..."

3. Strolls by Starlight and Sunshine by William Hamilton Gibson (1890)
"Hog-peanut, it is called, presumably because, of all grubbers in the woods, ... It is allied to the hog- peanut just described, and bears the same popular ..."

4. An Ainu-English-Japanese Dictionary (including A Grammar of the Ainu Language.) by John Batchelor (1905)
"Things washed. Aha, 7»\ * wjt^7--*jt. n. The hog-peanut. ... The flower and pod of the hog- peanut. Ahara, 7'*5, *?*-**; 9*. n. The vine of the hog-peanut. ..."

5. A Guide to the Wild Flowers by Alice Lounsberry (1899)
"Whoever maimed the unoffending little thing with the name of hog-peanut must still be smarting under the weight of his iniquities ; although the ..."

6. The Vines of Northeastern America: Fully Illustrated from Original Sketches by Charles Stedman Newhall (1897)
"Pod, neither jointed nor one-seeded, excepting sometimes in the lower and usually underground pods of the Hog-Peanut (No. 8). (<5) Standard (the large upper ..."

7. The Brook Book: A First Acquaintance with the Brook and Its Inhabitants by Mary Farrand Rogers Miller (1901)
"While searching about for a stick to drive into the ground at my boat landing, I found trailing over the rich moist earth many hog-peanut vines. ..."

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