Definition of Hookah

1. Noun. An oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through water. "A bipolar world with the hookah and Turkish coffee versus hamburgers and Coca Cola"

Definition of Hookah

1. n. A pipe with a long, flexible stem, so arranged that the smoke is cooled by being made to pass through water.

Definition of Hookah

1. Noun. a pipe with a long flexible tube that draws the smoke through water. Originally invented in India, it gained most popularity in the Arab world. It is traditionally used for smoking tobacco, which is often flavored. ¹

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Definition of Hookah

1. a water pipe [n -S]

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Literary usage of Hookah

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Standard Work of Reference in Art, Literature (1907)
"Tall jars, bottles, bowls, plates, and hookah-jars are the vessels usually decorated in this way. Some of the large plates are perfect marvels ..."

2. Indian Reminiscences: Or, The Bengal Moofussul Miscellany by George Augustus Addison (1837)
"My hookah ! Yes—tho' the god descend in showers, Or tho' the sky with ... My hookah ! When thoughts of home came o'er my mind,— Of distant friends I've left ..."

3. Bibliotheca Nicotiana: A Catalogue of Books about Tobacco, Together with a by William Bragge (1880)
"hookah Base; brown glazed earthenware; 4in. diameter, 5-iin. high. iron inlaid ... J hookah mouthpiece, 5^in. long, fin. diameter; silver, with cylinder of ..."

4. Southey's Common-place Book by Robert Southey (1849)
"Here the voluptuous Indian retires to smoke his hookah, or waste his time with a favourite from the haram. ..."

5. A Descriptive and Historical Account of Hydraulic and Other Machines for by Thomas Ewbank (1858)
"... air a prominent feature in all his inventions—Air vessels—In Heron's fountain—Ap parent ly referred to by Pliny—Air gun of Ctesibius—The hookah. ..."

6. Encyclopædia Americana: A Popular Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature by Thomas Gamaliel Bradford (1838)
"... hookah. (See Pipe, Smoking.) HOPE, Thomas, died in 1831. Juet before his death appeared his Essays on the Prospects of Man (1831,3 ..."

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