Definition of Hordeum

1. Noun. Annual to perennial grasses of temperate northern hemisphere and South America: barley.

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Literary usage of Hordeum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Grasses of Iowa by Louis Hermann Pammel, Julius Buel Weems, Carleton Roy Ball, F. Lamson-Scribner, Harry Foster Bain (1904)
"hordeum. hordeum L. Sp. P1. 84. 1753. Endlicher. Gen. Pl. 104. Bentham and Hooker. Gen. Pl. 3: 1206. Scribner. Bull. US Dept. Agrl. Div. Agros. 20: 165. /. ..."

2. Pharmacographia; a History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin, Met by Friedrich August Flückiger, Daniel Hanbury (1879)
"hordeum perlatum, Fructus vel Semen Hordei; Pearl Barley; F. Orye monde' ou ... Botanical Origin—hordeum, distichum L.,—the Common or Long- eared Barley is ..."

3. Handbook of the Flora of Philadelphia and Vicinity: Containing Data Relating by Ida Augusta Keller, Stewardson Brown (1905)
"hordeum L. Flowering scales, exclusive of awn, 6-8 mm. long. ... hordeum NODOSUM L. Meadow-Barley. M. p. 155. Meadows and waste places. Summer. ..."

4. English Botany; Or, Coloured Figures of British Plants, with Their Essential Sir James Edward Smith, James Sowerby by Sir James Edward Smith, James Sowerby (1793)
"hordeum murinum. Wall, or Mouse Barley. ... hordeum murinum. Linn. fy. Pi. 126. Sm. Fl. GEN. CHAR. Calyx lateral, of 2 valves, containing a Brit. 155. Huds. ..."

5. The plants of the Bible, trees and shrubs by John Hutton Balfour (1866)
"It is the hordeum distichon of botanists, and belongs to the class ... hordeum vulgare, Bere, Bigg or four-rowed barley, and hordeum ..."

6. The Practitioner by Gale Group, ProQuest Information and Learning Company (1885)
"PURE hordeum. extensive trial, both clinically, and in the laboratory, ... Pure hordeum is prepared with special care, by an improved method. ..."

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