Definition of Horners

1. Noun. (plural of horner) ¹

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Definition of Horners

1. horner [n] - See also: horner

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Literary usage of Horners

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Memoir of Thomas Thomson, Advocate by Cosmo Innes (1854)
"I have not yet hunted out the Prices, but that shall be done; nor the Leonard horners. M'Culloch called for me on Monday, and we must have an evening at the ..."

2. A Preliminary Catalog of the Birds of Missouri by Otto Widmann (1907)
"single winter (1893-94) on the Big Lake and shipped from horners- ville, still visit the region in large numbers in their migrations and many remain in mild ..."

3. The Royal Commission: The London City Livery Companies' Vindication (1885)
"... Company and the horners' Company—Concluding observations. Supplementary statement on behalf of tho ..."

4. The Ancient Capital of Scotland: The Story of Perth from the Invasion of by Samuel Cowan (1904)
"... the horners' Roll ; the Justice Roll— Roll of Transgressors for, cited for dishonest trading — Coroner- ship of the Sheriffdom of Perth — Remarkable ..."

5. London Past and Present: Its History, Associations, and Traditions by Henry B. Wheatley, Peter Cunningham (1891)
"25 (1603); but the fellowship of " the Art and Mistery of horners of the City of London " were incorporated by Charles I. in 1638, and they seem to have ..."

6. The Statutes at Large, of England and of Great Britain: From Magna Carta to by Great Britain, Thomas Edlyne Tomlins, John Raithby (1811)
"... and that the Wardens of the horners of the City of London for the Time being, ... grievous Complaint was made by Men of the Occupation of horners, ..."

7. A Family Flight Through France, Germany, Norway and Switzerland by Edward Everett Hale, Susan Hale (1881)
"The horners had now so much to tell that they found it less dull than a previous ... It was a little later in the season than when the horners first saw it; ..."

8. The History of Switzerland, for the Swiss People by Heinrich Zschokke, Emil Zschokke (1855)
"When the court decided in favor of the cattle-owners (horners), ... of the horners. Monks and Jesuits, fearful of a diminution of their influence if the ..."

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