Definition of House of correction

1. Noun. (formerly) a jail or other place of detention for persons convicted of minor offences.

Generic synonyms: Clink, Gaol, Jail, Jailhouse, Pokey, Poky, Slammer

Definition of House of correction

1. Noun. A residential penitentiary facility, an institution where criminals or wayward people (notably youth) are sent to have their ways 'corrected' trough a penal regime officially intended to reeducate them ¹

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Literary usage of House of correction

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Index of Economic Material in Documents of the States of the United States by Adelaide Rosalia Hasse (1908)
"Rept. on Ipswich House of Correction and Receptacle for the Insane. 2 pp. ... Rept. of special committee on house of correction at Cambridge. 6 pp. ..."

2. Biennial Report by Vermont Director of State Institutions, Vermont, Kansas, Director of State Institutions (1918)
"Report of Vermont State Prison and House of Correction for Women May, ... Repairs began May 1st, 1921, on the former House of Correction for the housing of ..."

3. Proceedings of the ... Annual Congress of Correction of the American by American Correctional Association (1888)
"House of Correction. JA Hunt, master. NORTHAMPTON. House of Correction. ... House of Correction. AK Harmon, master. PITTSFIELD. House of Correction. ..."

4. Bulletin of the New York Public Library by New York Public Library (1911)
"Prisons—Great Britain, cont'd. force at any time from the year 1840 to 1851 in the following prisons: house of correction, Tothill Fields; house of ..."

5. The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer by Richard Burn (1820)
"felony or convicted of any theft or larceny, and committed for Prisoners to be house of correction for all persons committed upon charges of гг G. 3. с. ..."

6. The Criminal Prisons of London, and Scenes of Prison Life by Henry Mayhew, John Binny (1862)
"1834, contained (1) a "jail"* for untried male prisoners as well as debtors, (2) a house of correction for males after conviction (when sentenced to a ..."

7. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench: In by Sandford Nevile, Great Britain Court of King's Bench, William Montagu Manning (1834)
"GOVERNOR of the House of Correction for Sir James Scarlett contra. ... The Court of Requests had power by former acts to commit to the house of correction. ..."

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