Definition of Household linen

1. Noun. Drygoods for household use that are typically made of white cloth.

Exact synonyms: White Goods
Generic synonyms: Drygoods, Soft Goods
Specialized synonyms: Ironing, Laundry, Wash, Washables, Washing, Linen

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Literary usage of Household linen

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests, Medical, Economical, and by Francis Peyre Porcher (1869)
"... cleansing household linen anc cotton yarn by steam from alkaline solutions. Tlie expense ia three-sevenths of the expense of the common method. ..."

2. "Dame Curtsey's" Book of Novel Entertainments for Every Day in the Year by Ellye Howell Glover (1907)
"The question is asked frequently, "What is the least in the way of household linen for a bride to start with ?" Of course a store of linen is an almost ..."

3. The Etiquette of New York To-day by Ellin Craven Learned (1906)
"CHAPTER XIX A BRIDE'S TROUSSEAU AND household linen T • ^HE choice of a trousseau depends on circum- 1 stances and what will be the future position — *— of ..."

4. Cellulose, Cellulose Products, and Artificial Rubber: Comprising the by Josef Bersch (1904)
"Viscose solution can to great advantage be used for marking fabrics in mills, as well as a substitute for ink for marking household linen, etc. ..."

5. The Law of Nisi Prius, Evidence in Civil Actions, and Arbitration & Awards by Archibald John Stephens (1842)
"... goods subsequently purchased on speculation ; for the word "linen" in the policy, must be confined to household linen by way of apparel: thus, ..."

6. The Upper Canada Law Journal and Municipal and Local Courts' Gazette by William S. Hein & Company (1860)
"Then came a list of blankets and counterpanes and of household linen, and then " silver—18 dinner forks, 1 child's spoon and fork, 6 table spoons. ..."

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