Definition of Human death

1. Noun. A death resulting from an accident or a disaster. "A decrease in the number of automobile fatalities"

Exact synonyms: Fatality
Generic synonyms: Death, Decease, Expiry
Specialized synonyms: Killing, Violent Death, Casualty, Fatal Accident

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Literary usage of Human death

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Humanity Immortal: Or, Man Tried, Fallen, and Redeemed by Laurens Perseus Hickok (1872)
"... VIEW OF human death. HUMAN probation terminates in death. The first trial and fall would have eventuated in eternal death, as originally threatened, ..."

2. Institutes of the Christian Religion by Emanuel Vogel Gerhart (1894)
"Accepting the distinction first definitely drawn by Augustine we may recognize four grades of human death: i. spiritual death; ..."

3. An Elementary Treatise on Frequency Curves and Their Application in the by Arne Fisher (1922)
"VIGFUSSON) THE human death CURVE 1. INTRODUCTORY . n. ,, , , In the following paragraphs I REMARKS intend to discuss a method ot constructing mortality ..."

4. American Law and Procedure by James Parker Hall, James De Witt Andrews (1910)
"Statutory liability for causing human death. At common law no civil action lay for causing the death of a human being, whether due to intentional or ..."

5. Alcoholism: A Study in Heredity by George Archdall O'Brien Reid (1902)
"... Natural Selection obtainable from the study of human death-rates—Zymotic disease the principal cause of human elimination—"Parasitic" and "saprophytic" ..."

6. The Mediaeval Stage by Edmund Kerchever Chambers (1903)
"If Dr. Jevons is right, it would seem to follow that, as has already been suggested, the human death at an annual festival was not initially sacrifice. ..."

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