Definition of Human waste

1. Noun. The body wastes of human beings.

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Literary usage of Human waste

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Introduction to the Study of Labor Problems by Gordon S. Watkins (1922)
"CHAPTER X human waste IN INDUSTRY The Human Factor in Production.—During the nineteenth century industrial development proceeded so rapidly in Europe and ..."

2. The Human Factor in Education by James Phinney Munroe (1920)
"SAVING human waste WE have just experienced the greatest waste and the greatest saving of all history. The contending nations paid daily for war purposes ..."

3. America and the New Era: A Symposium on Social Reconstruction by Elisha M. Friedman (1920)
"The Prevention of human waste.—To prevent as far as possible this shocking waste of human energy and well-being is one of the most serious and immediate ..."

4. Housewifery: A Manual and Text Book of Practical Housekeeping by Lydia Ray Balderston (1921)
"Organic waste includes garbage or waste food materials and human waste, or excreta, but there may well be considered with them the problem of water waste, ..."

5. First Annual Report of the Commission on Industrial Relations by Francis Patrick Walsh (1914)
"THE ELIMINATION OF human waste. Not the least important of the many questions with which organized society has to ..."

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