Definition of Hydatidiform mole

1. Noun. An abnormality during pregnancy; chorionic villi around the fetus degenerate and form clusters of fluid-filled sacs; usually associated with the death of the fetus.

Exact synonyms: Hydatid Mole, Molar Pregnancy
Generic synonyms: Abnormalcy, Abnormality

Medical Definition of Hydatidiform mole

1. A relatively rare mass or tumour that can form within the uterus at the beginning of a pregnancy. The cause of hydatidiform mole is unknown. Symptoms include vaginal bleeding, uterine growth, nausea and vomiting. Some hydatidiform moles may become malignant (cancerous) where they are referred to as a choriocarcinoma. Incidence: 1 in 1,500 births. (02 Jan 1998)

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Literary usage of Hydatidiform mole

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Science and Art of Midwifery by William Thompson Lusk (1896)
"hydatidiform mole. Endometritis decidua.—The normal congestion of the uterine mucous membrane attendant upon conception, and resulting in the forma tion of ..."

2. The Dublin Journal of Medical Science (1892)
"hydatidiform mole. DR. C. YELVERTON PEARSON (Cork) exhibited and read notes on a case of hydatidiform mole.—JH, aged thirty-seven, admitted to County and ..."

3. Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of London by Obstetrical Society of London (1904)
"CHORIO-EPITHELIOMA FOLLOWING hydatidiform mole IN A PATIENT WITH BILATERAL OVARIAN ... Dr. Hamilton Bell suggested that there might be a hydatidiform mole. ..."

4. Obstetrics: a text-book for the use of students and practitioners by John Whitridge Williams (1904)
"Every woman who has suffered from a hydatidiform mole should be carefully ... abortion, or hydatidiform mole, and in rare instances before the last is ..."

5. A Practical Textbook of the Diseases of Women by Arthur Hamilton Nicholson Lewers (1893)
"This third case is also remarkable in that the patient had had no children (and indeed had only been married seven months), whereas hydatidiform mole most ..."

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