Definition of Hydraulic transmission

1. Noun. A transmission that depends on a hydraulic system.

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Literary usage of Hydraulic transmission

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"M. 41: 197- hydraulic transmission. hydraulic transmission in railway cars: ... Variable speed hydraulic transmission for See also Stream measurements. ..."

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"Uom Kng 62:336-7 Mr 22 '13 hydraulic transmission hydraulic transmission In ... 11 Eng M 46:119-21 О '13 hydraulic transmission on ships: the Füt- 488 My 31 ..."

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"... Investigation — hydraulic transmission—Pneumat Transmission—Wire-Rope Transmission—Comparative Tables of Effi ciency and Cost—Practical Conclusions. ..."

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"hydraulic transmission OK POWER. THE practical success of almost ever)' class of appliance by which the resources of nature have been developed and man ..."

5. On the Development and Transmission of Power: From Central Stations by William Cawthorne Unwin (1894)
"Comparatively recently systems of hydraulic transmission at more moderate pressure have been carried out, which are better suited to distribute power for ..."

6. Text-book of Mechanics by jr Louis Adolphe Martin (1914)
"Il6 HYDRAULICS SECTION XVII APPLICATIONS The hydraulic transmission of Energy.—Energy may be transmitted with very high efficiency by means of water under ..."

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