Definition of Ice yacht

1. Noun. A sailing vessel with runners and a cross-shaped frame; suitable for traveling over ice.

Exact synonyms: Iceboat, Scooter
Generic synonyms: Vessel, Watercraft
Derivative terms: Scoot

Definition of Ice yacht

1. Noun. A craft, in the broad shape of a yacht, fitted with skis or runners so as to sail on the ice. ¹

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Literary usage of Ice yacht

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and (1910)
"The foremost ice-yacht builder of America is G. £. ... The ice-yacht always sails with its sheets flat aft, because the greater speed of the boat changes ..."

2. Appletons' Cyclopædia of Applied Mechanics: A Dictionary of Mechanical by Appleton, firm, publishers, New York (1880)
"The notable feature of the ice-yacht's performance ia its great speed, which often ex- 2376. ceeds 65 miles an hour, outstripping (paradoxical as it may ..."

3. A Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing by Dixon Kemp, Brooke Heckstall-Smith (1900)
"... however, those who have experienced the extraordinary velocity of an ice yacht say that when the first dread of the lightning- like flight is overcome, ..."

4. The Young Folk's Cyclopædia of Games and Sports by John Denison Champlin, Arthur Elmore Bostwick (1890)
"When rounding a mark, boat, or buoy, the ice-yacht nearest thereto is to be considered the headmost ice-yacht; and should any other ice-yacht in the race ..."

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