Definition of Immunoglobulins

1. Noun. (plural of immunoglobulin) ¹

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Definition of Immunoglobulins

1. immunoglobulin [n] - See also: immunoglobulin

Medical Definition of Immunoglobulins

1. Any of the structurally related glycoproteins that function as antibodies. They are divided into five classes (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM) on the basis of structure and biological activity. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Immunoglobulins

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1883)
"We have extensive sequence data on ¡>. chains that show that both of these subgroups are found in yM immunoglobulins, and we have discovered a third ..."

2. Understanding the Immune System by Lydia Woods Schindler (1991)
"Scientists have identified nine chemically distinct classes of human immunoglobulins (Ig)—four kinds of IgG and two kinds of IgA, plus IgM, IgE, and IgD. ..."

3. Diarrhea and Malnutrition: Interactions, Mechanisms, and Interventions by Lincoln C. Chen, Nevin S. Scrimshaw (1983)
"immunoglobulins AND ANTIBODIES Human milk and colostrum are rich in ... Both these immunoglobulins contain antibodies against specific viruses and bacteria ..."

4. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Food and Drugs, Pt. 800-1299, Revised by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Staff (2005)
"An immunoglobulins A, G, M, D, and E immunological test system is a device that consists of the ... of these immunoglobulins aids in the diagnosis of ..."

5. Air Quality Criteria for Oxides of Nitrogenby Dennis J. Kotchmar by Dennis J. Kotchmar (1996)
"Opsonins are immunoglobulins that have the capacity to enhance phagocytosis of ... Immunoglobulin G is the predominant class of immunoglobulins of the lower ..."

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