Definition of Imperial decree

1. Noun. A decree issued by a sovereign ruler.

Generic synonyms: Decree, Edict, Fiat, Order, Rescript
Specialized synonyms: Ukase, Pragmatic, Pragmatic Sanction

Definition of Imperial decree

1. Noun. A decree issued by a sovereign. ¹

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Literary usage of Imperial decree

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Constitutions and Other Select Documents Illustrative of the History of by Frank Maloy Anderson (1904)
"C. imperial decree proclaiming Joseph Bonaparte King of Spain. June 6, 1808. Moniteur, June 22, 1808. Napoleon, by the grace of God, Emperor of the French, ..."

2. The Lombard Communes: A History of the Republics of North Italy by William Francis Thomas Butler (1906)
"The former was freed, by imperial decree, from the conditions imposed on his brother by Padua in 1213. The latter received a most ample charter confirming ..."

3. China and the Allies by Arnold Henry Savage. Landor (1901)
"imperial decree. (From the Pekin Gazette, June 6.) THE Western religion has existed and been disseminated throughout China for many years, while those who ..."

4. The New Annual Register, Or General Repository of History, Politics, and by Andrew Kippis, William Godwin, George Robinson (1816)
"imperial decree FOR THE ABOLI. TION OF THE SLAVE TRADE. Napoleon,emperor of the French. We have decreed, and do decree as follows :— Article 1. ..."

5. Treaties Between the Empire of China and Foreign Powers, Together with China by China (1906)
"Annexes of the Peace Protocol:—-1, imperial decree, 27th December, 1900, 297 ; 2, imperial decree, 9th June, 1901,287: 3, ..."

6. The Chinese Repository by Elijah Coleman Bridgman, S. W. Williams (1846)
"An imperial decree providing for the further toleration of Christianity, by granting the restoration of real estate to Chinese Christians throughout the ..."

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