Definition of Impulse turbine

1. Noun. A turbine that is driven by jets direct against the blades.

Generic synonyms: Turbine

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Literary usage of Impulse turbine

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Steam Power Plant Engineering by George Frederick Gebhardt (1917)
"The Westinghouse impulse turbine which is constructed in various sizes ranging from 10 to 800 horsepower is similar in basic principle to the Terry turbine. ..."

2. The Marine Steam Turbine: A Practical Illustrated Description of the Parsons by John William Major Sothern (1920)
"The compound impulse turbine, as a consequence, is a type possessing few stages ... The combined impulse turbine, requiring as it does a greater number of ..."

3. Experimental Engineering and Manual for Testing by Rolla Clinton Carpenter, Herman Diederichs (1911)
"The Multi-stage (Compound) impulse turbine. kinds of this type of turbine are recognized, according to whethe: the machine has several velocity or several ..."

4. Treatise on Hydraulics by Mansfield Merriman, Thaddeus Merriman (1916)
"The advantageous speed of an impulse turbine remains the same for all positions of ... When the water supply is low, the impulse turbine hence has a marked ..."

5. A Text Book on Hydraulics: Including an Outline of the Theory of Turbines by Leander Miller Hoskins (1906)
"THEORY OF impulse turbine. 195. Given Dimensions and Data. ... Thus in an impulse turbine Vi, the velocity of outflow from the guides, ..."

6. Engineering Mathematics: A Series of Lectures Delivered at Union College by Charles Proteus Steinmetz (1917)
"In an impulse turbine, the speed of the jet (steam jet or water jet) is Si. At what peripheral speed S? is the output a maximum. ..."

7. Steam Power Plant Engineering by George Frederick Gebhardt (1913)
"... impulse turbine. — To meet the demand for nail turbines the Westinghouse Machine Company has recently placed n the market turbines ranging in size from ..."

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