Definition of Incisura

1. Noun. (anatomy) a notch or small hollow.

Exact synonyms: Incisure
Specialized synonyms: Mandibular Notch
Category relationships: Anatomy, General Anatomy
Generic synonyms: Notch
Derivative terms: Incise

Definition of Incisura

1. Noun. (anatomy) a notch or indent ¹

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Medical Definition of Incisura

1. Synonym: notch. Origin: L. A cutting into (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Incisura

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics by The American College of Surgeons, Franklin H. Martin Memorial Foundation (1913)
"A double incisura caused by two ulcers at almost the same level in the pars media. On fluoroscopic examination a typical delay in canalization was observed ..."

2. The Roentgen Diagnosis of Diseases of the Alimentary Canal by Russell Daniel Carman (1920)
"The incisura is an indentation of the gastric wall opposite an ulcer (Fig. ... An incisura may also occur in association with the scar of a healed ulcer. ..."

3. A System of human anatomy, general and special by Erasmus Wilson (1859)
"On the posterior border there is another notch, incisura cerebelli posterior, ... Corpora quadrigemina embraced by the incisura cerebelli anterior. 6, 6. ..."

4. The anatomist's vade mecum: a system of human anatomy by Erasmus Wilson (1845)
"On the anterior border of the organ there is a semi-lunar notch, incisura cerebelli anterior, which encircles the corpora quadrigemina posteriorly. ..."

5. Brain and Spinal Cord: A Manual for the Study of the Morphology and Fibre by Emil Villiger (1918)
"The anterior border is indented in the mid-line by the incisura cerebelli anterior; likewise, the posterior border by the incisura cerebelli posterior. ..."

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