Definition of Indian corn

1. Noun. Tall annual cereal grass bearing kernels on large ears: widely cultivated in America in many varieties; the principal cereal in Mexico and Central and South America since pre-Columbian times.

Definition of Indian corn

1. Noun. A variety of maize in which the kernels are variously coloured, rather than being all of the same colour. ¹

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Literary usage of Indian corn

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1918)
"AN EAR OF indian corn NOTHING could be more romantic than the true story of Indian ... We so often use the word corn to mean indian corn that we sometimes ..."

2. Feeds and Feeding: A Hand-book for the Student and Stockman by William Arnon Henry (1910)
"indian corn, maize, is the imperial agricultural plant of America. ... Were a seedsman to advertise indian corn by a new name, recounting its actual merits ..."

3. Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review by William B. Dana (1857)
"indian corn. BY those who do not know, or who are too scientific to profit by the experience of nations of men and herds of fat cattle, ..."

4. The Popular History of England: An Illustrated History of Society and by Charles Knight (1874)
"... of indian corn, and 11401 cwts. of meal. From 1851 the computation has been made in cwts., and the wheat and flour placed ander the head of wheat, ..."

5. Report of the Secretary of Agriculture by United States Dept. of Agriculture (1867)
"indian corn CULTURE. rY JF WOLFINGER, OP MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA. SOIL. ... If the ground intended for growing indian corn is covered with clover or grass, ..."

6. Old Virginia and Her Neighbours by John Fiske (1900)
"But for indian corn the company of Pilgrims at Plymouth would have succumbed to famine, like so many other such little colonies. The settlers at Jamestown ..."

7. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and (1910)
"Production, Valut, Frita ana Exports о]indian corn in Ни ... and values of swine constantly fluctuate with t he movement and value of the indian corn crops. ..."

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