Definition of Indigo bunting

1. Noun. Small deep blue North American bunting.

Exact synonyms: Indigo Bird, Indigo Finch, Passerina Cyanea
Generic synonyms: Bunting
Group relationships: Genus Passerina, Passerina

Definition of Indigo bunting

1. Noun. A blue bunting of North America, (scientific name): (''Passerina cyanea''). ¹

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Literary usage of Indigo bunting

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Birds of America by John James Audubon (1841)
"indigo bunting. SPIZA CYANEA, Wils. PLATE CLXX.—MALE, FEMALE, AND YOCNG. The species here presented for inspection is best known to the Creoles of Louisiana ..."

2. Handbook of Birds of Eastern North America: With Introductory Chapters on by Frank Michler Chapman (1912)
"The Bobolink, Red-winged and Rusty Blackbirds also illustrate color change by wear. With the Purple Finch and indigo bunting, as Dwight ('00) has shown, ..."

3. Public School Methods (1921)
"(1) THE indigo bunting. This beautiful bird is common over the United States east of the Mississippi River and throughout Ontario, the southern part of ..."

4. North American Birds Eggs by Chester Albert Reed (1904)
"They are frequently kept as cage birds but more for their bright colors than any musical ability, their eong being of the character of the indigo bunting, ..."

5. Birds of Village and Field: A Bird Book for Beginners by Florence Merriam Bailey (1898)
"indigo bunting : Passerina cyanea. Adult male, whole body blue. Adult female, plain olive-brown above, dusky below; wings and tail black. ..."

6. Birdcraft: A Field Book of Two Hundred Song, Game, and Water Birds by Mabel Osgood Wright (1897)
"This last fact adds proof to a pet theory of my own, that the best autumn music is made by the birds of the season. indigo bunting: ... indigo bunting."

7. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1900)
"IT is no new idea that the indigo bunting changes color without moulting, ... The indigo bunting regularly moults twice every year, differing in no wise in ..."

8. Nests and Eggs of North American Birds by Oliver Davie (1889)
"indigo bunting. Hab. United States and Southern British Provinces; ... It replaces the indigo bunting from the Plains to the Pacific and is found in all ..."

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