Definition of Indus river

1. Noun. An Asian river that rises in Tibet and flows through northern India and then southwest through Kashmir and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. "The valley of the Indus was the site of an early civilization"

Exact synonyms: Indus
Group relationships: Islamic Republic Of Pakistan, Pakistan, West Pakistan
Generic synonyms: River

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Literary usage of Indus river

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Managing Water for Peace in the Middle East; Alternative Strategies by Masahiro Murakami (1995)
"23 The indus river The Indus, one of the mightiest rivers of the world and the ... The indus river system has ten times the volume of flow of the Colorado ..."

2. Proceedings by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain), Norton Shaw, Francis Galton, William Spottiswoode, Clements Robert Markham, Henry Walter Bates, John Scott Keltie (1880)
"Indian corn is grown extensively, and wheat and barley to some extent, but no rice. On reaching the indus river the " Mullah," instead of following its ..."

3. Pakistan: A Country Study edited by Peter R. Blood (1996)
"The indus river basin is a large, fertile alluvial plain formed by silt from ... The upper indus river basin includes Punjab; the lower indus river basin ..."

4. A Catalogue of Manuscript and Printed Reports, Field Books, Memoirs, Maps by Great Britain India Office (1878)
"1845, and 1846. Size, 18| inches by 38. QM GENERAL'S ROUTE MAPS on the indus river. On 5 sheets. 1838-50. 1. Routes between Camp 'near ..."

5. In the Footsteps of Marco Polo: Being the Account of a Journey Overland from by Clarence Dalrymple Bruce (1907)
"The approach to Leh from the valley of the indus river is a striking one, ... The town stands five miles from the right bank of the indus river and at the ..."

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