Definition of Infantile

1. Adjective. Indicating a lack of maturity. "Infantile behavior"

Exact synonyms: Childish
Similar to: Immature
Derivative terms: Childishness

2. Adjective. Of or relating to infants or infancy. "Infantile paralysis"
Partainyms: Infancy

3. Adjective. Being or befitting or characteristic of an infant. "Infantile games"
Similar to: Immature, Young

Definition of Infantile

1. a. Of or pertaining to infancy, or to an infant; similar to, or characteristic of, an infant; childish; as, infantile behavior.

Definition of Infantile

1. Adjective. Pertaining to infants. ¹

2. Adjective. Childish; immature. ¹

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Definition of Infantile

1. [adj]

Medical Definition of Infantile

1. Pertaining to an infant or to infancy. Origin: L. Infantilis This entry appears with permission from the Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology (11 Mar 2008)

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Literary usage of Infantile

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature by H.W. Wilson Company (1916)
"Survey 36:596 S 16 46 Control of epidemic infantile paralysis. Sci- V ence ns 44:352-4 S 8 46 Control of tlie next epidemic of infantile paralysis. ..."

2. Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical by Henry Gray (1901)
"These are congenital, infantile, encysted, and hernia of the funicular process. ... infantile and Encysted Hernia.—Where the pouch of peritoneum is occluded ..."

3. Preventive medicine and hygiene by Milton Joseph Rosenau (1917)
"infantile paralysis is now properly regarded as a communicable disease. ... It appears that infantile paralysis is becoming more and more common and more ..."

4. The Elements of Vital Statistics by Arthur Newsholme (1899)
"infantile MORTALITY infantile POPULATION. In considering the mortality at different ages, the first group of ages (under 5) requires further consideration, ..."

5. Annals of Ophthalmology (1917)
"While in the majority of cases of infantile paralysis the cord alone is involved, the occasional occurrence of head symptoms shows that the infectious ..."

6. A History of Epidemics in Britain by Charles Creighton (1894)
"Causes of the high death-rates from infantile Diarrhoea. ... If this were taken to mean that the infantile mortality from all causes was trebled by the ..."

7. A Treatise on diseases of the skin for advanced students and practitioners by Henry Weightman Stelwagon (1916)
"REGIONAL AND infantile ECZEMA Regional and infantile eczemas are here considered mainly ... infantile eczema is usually of the acute and subacute grades, ..."

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