Definition of Initials

1. Noun. (plural of initial) ¹

2. Noun. (plurale tantum) An abbreviation of a person's name, constructed by taking the initial letters of first, last, and sometimes middle name. See monogram ¹

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Definition of Initials

1. initial [v] - See also: initial

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Literary usage of Initials

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cataloging Rules: With Explanations and Illustrations by Jennie Dorcas Fellows, Dorcas Fellows, New York State Library School (1922)
"When, for a book published under initials or other slight representation of the author's name, the author's name is known, the main entry is, as usual, ..."

2. Heroines of Fiction by William Dean Howells (1903)
"THE HEROINE OF "THE initials" SOME time about the middle of the century ... Those who were once of that younger world still think "The initials" one of the ..."

3. A Treatise on the Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory-notes, Bank-notes by Robert Thomson (1836)
"Their signature appears, from the case last cited, to be indispensable. %dly, Our law has gone farther, by holding the initials of a party's name, ..."

4. The Law of Unfair Competition and Trademarks: With Chapters on Good-will by Harry Dwight Nims (1917)
"initials as Names of Goods. — The fact that the letters used by the plaintiff are ... Licking use them from a man whose initials Rotter Mitt Co., 158 Fed. ..."

5. American Book Prices Current (1902)
"Continued, 10212 ALS, with initials, 5 pages, 41o, and address. ... (131) $21.00 10213 ALS, with initials, 4 pages, 410. February 9, 1840. ..."

6. Catalogue of the Historical Library of Andrew Dickson White, First President by Andrew Dickson White, George Lincoln Burr (1889)
"Wdct initials. Ed. by Veit Dietrich, whose pref. is dated ' Nürnberg am Sontag ... Wdct initials. Wdct on reverse of up. Melanchthon's pref. letter is dated ..."

7. A Life of William Shakespeare by Sidney Lee (1908)
"‘WH' are no uncommon initials, and there is more interest attaching to the ... William Hall was the only man bearing those initials who there is reason to ..."

8. Book-prices Current: A Record of Prices at which Books Have Been Sold at Auction (1899)
"Maud: a Monodrama, woodcut borders, scroll work and initials, vellum, ... Life of Thomas Wolsey, Cardinal Archbishop of York, woodcut border and initials, ..."

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