Definition of Inside information

1. Noun. True confidential information. "After the trial he gave us the real details"

Exact synonyms: Details
Generic synonyms: Info, Information
Specialized synonyms: Dope, Low-down, Poop, The Skinny

Definition of Inside information

1. Noun. (US legal finance) Information obtained by or from a person in a position of trust (a director, an employee, a consultant) that affects the price of publicly traded securities. ¹

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Literary usage of Inside information

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Corporation Finance: An Exposition of the Principles and Methods Governing by William Henry Lough (1909)
"Misuse of inside information.—The fourth method of milking a corporation for the benefit of its officers is by making use of "inside" information. ..."

2. Werner's Readings and Recitations (1908)
"HE HAD inside information. CHRISTIAN SCIENTIST FATHER. What's the matter, Bobbie? BOBBIE. I ate too many green apples,, and Oh, how my stomach hurts! ..."

3. Business Finance: A Practical Study of Financial Management in Private by William Henry Lough (1917)
"Misuse of inside information Another common method of exploitation is through the misuse by officers or directors of information which comes to them on the ..."

4. Introduction to Economics by John Roscoe Turner (1919)
"inside information of stockholders. 15. Negotiability of stock certificates. 16. Securing funds. 17. Funds from creditors. 18. Issuing notes. 19. ..."

5. The Footlights, Fore and Aft by Channing Pollock (1911)
"IN VAUDEVILLE Being inside information regarding a kind of entertainment at which one requires intelligence no more than the kitchen range. ..."

6. Tides of Commerce: School and College Verse by William Cary Sanger, William Cary Sanger, jr (1915)
"... inside information There's a lot that's good an' a lot that's bad, A lot that's funny, an' a lot that's sad; Like anythin' else, there's Light and Shade ..."

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