Definition of Intensively

1. Adverb. In an intensive manner. "He studied the snake intensively"

Partainyms: Intense

Definition of Intensively

1. adv. In an intensive manner; by increase of degree.

Definition of Intensively

1. Adverb. In an intensive way. ¹

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Definition of Intensively

1. [adv]

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Literary usage of Intensively

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Environmental Indicators for Agriculture by Organisation for Economic Co-operation, SourceOECD (Online service), Development. (2001)
"Moreover, the interspersion of intensively farmed areas by semi-natural habitat do enhance the ... intensively farmed agricultural habitats Definitions 1. ..."

2. Housing Report to the City Plan Commission of Newark, N. J. by James Ford, Ernest P. Goodrich, George B. Ford, Newark (N.J.). City Plan Commission (1913)
"Districts intensively Studied. The districts chosen were as follows: First, the block bounded by Springfield Avenue and Shipman, Augusta and Arlington ..."

3. Walker's Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, and Expositor of the English by John Walker (1823)
"... Jn-ten'slv. a. intent, full of care intensively, In-ten'siv-le. ad. to a great Intent, ... intensively ..."

4. Transposable Elements in Plants: Sponsored CRIS/ICAR Projects and Bibliography by Andrew Kalinski (1995)
"In roots, the meristematic tip region and vascular tissues stained intensively. Selected transformants were grown up to maturity, and second-generation ..."

5. A Treatise on Universal Algebra: With Applications by Alfred North Whitehead (1898)
"Such elements will be called 'intensively imaginary elements.' If the element be defined by real co-ordinates, its intensity is imaginary. ..."

6. Principles of Political Economy by Thomas Nixon Carver (1919)
"With a given labor force, the greater the number and variety of tools and implements, the less intensively each one is likely to be used ; and the smaller ..."

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