Definition of Interior live oak

1. Noun. A small shrubby evergreen tree of western North America similar to the coast live oak but occurring chiefly in foothills of mountain ranges removed from the coast; an important part of the chaparral.

Exact synonyms: Quercus Wislizenii, Quercus Wizlizenii
Generic synonyms: Live Oak

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Literary usage of Interior live oak

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The California Spotted Owl: A Technical Assessment of Its Current Status. by Jared Verner (1994)
"Tree species on the adjoining slopes include blue oak. interior live oak. and digger pine. 2. Ponderosa pi ne I hardwood forest (montane hardwood)— This ..."

2. The Silva of California by Willis Linn Jepson (1910)
"Var. frutescens of the interior live oak has exceedingly tough and rigid stems with small spiny leaves. It is in its habit remarkably unlike the great round ..."

3. The Trees of California by Willis Linn Jepson (1909)
"interior live oak, called simply Live Oak, is a tree 30 to 75 feet high with full ... The wood of interior live oak is tough and strong but is seldom used ..."

4. American Marten, Fisher, Lynx, and Wolverine: Survey Methods for Their Detection by William J. Zielinski, Thomas E. Kucera (1998)
"Forests include thick-leaved species of California live oak, canyon live oak, interior live oak, California laurel, arbutus, and Pacific bayberry on the ..."

5. A Flora of Western Middle California by Willis Linn Jepson (1911)
"interior live oak. Bound-crowned tree 30 to 75 ft. high; trunk bark dark, very smooth or sometimes roughly fissured; leaves typically oblong (varying to ..."

6. The Broad-sclerophyll Vegetation of California: An Ecological Study of the by William Skinner Cooper (1922)
"interior live oak. From Mount Shasta southward through the Sierra foothills and the Coast Ranges to Mount San Pedro Mártir in Lower California; rarely, ..."

7. Report by California Division of Forestry (1919)
"interior live oak (Quercus wislizenii). interior live oak is widely distributed through the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, and extends into the Sierra ..."

8. Adventure Guide to the Sierra Nevada by Wilbur H. Morrison (2000)
"The most common trees at these lower altitudes are the blue oak, canyon live oak, interior live oak, valley oak and digger pine. Acorns from the oaks were a ..."

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