Definition of Interlocking

1. Noun. Contact by fitting together. "The meshing of gears"

Exact synonyms: Engagement, Mesh, Meshing
Generic synonyms: Contact, Impinging, Striking
Derivative terms: Engage, Engage, Mesh, Mesh

2. Adjective. Linked or locked closely together as by dovetailing.
Exact synonyms: Interlacing, Interlinking, Interwoven
Similar to: Complex

3. Noun. The act of interlocking or meshing. "An interlocking of arms by the police held the crowd in check"
Exact synonyms: Interlock, Mesh, Meshing
Generic synonyms: Catch, Grab, Snap, Snatch
Derivative terms: Interlock, Interlock, Interlock, Mesh

Definition of Interlocking

1. Adjective. That interlocks. ¹

2. Verb. (present participle of interlock) ¹

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Definition of Interlocking

1. interlock [v] - See also: interlock

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Literary usage of Interlocking

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Law of Interstate Commerce and Its Federal Regulation by Frederick Newton Judson (1912)
"interlocking ACT. AN ACT To grant the right of way through the Oklahoma Territory and the Indian Territory to the Enid and Anadarko Railway Company, ..."

2. The Elements of Railroad Engineering by William Galt Raymond (1917)
"Electrical operation of the principal signals at mechanical interlocking plants is now very common. This is particularly true of distant signals, ..."

3. Transactions of the International Engineering Congress, 1915 (1916)
"The subject of Signals and interlocking was treated broadly under two headings: ... The intricacies of signaling and interlocking call for a vast number of ..."

4. Readings on the Relation of Government to Property and Industry by Samuel Peter Orth (1915)
"interlocking CORPORATIONS BY HAROLD M. BOWMAN or THE NEW YORK BAR (From the ... In every city of any size how many interlocking corporations are there? ..."

5. Readings on the Relation of Government to Property and Industry by Samuel Peter Orth (1915)
"interlocking CORPORATIONS BY HAROLD M. BOWMAN OF THE NEW YORK BAR (From the Michigan Law Review, February, 1913) Once more a striking phrase has suddenly ..."

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