Definition of International finance corporation

1. Noun. A United Nations agency that invests directly in companies and guarantees loans to private investors; affiliated with the World Bank.

Exact synonyms: Ifc
Generic synonyms: Un Agency, United Nations Agency

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Literary usage of International finance corporation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Caribbean Basin Financing Opportunities: Guide to Financing Trade (1992)
"... CORPORATION The international finance corporation (IFC), an affiliate of the World Bank Group, provides long-term financing in the form of loans, ..."

2. In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization by Mario Blaser, Harvey A. Feit, Glenn McRae (2004)
"Submitted to the international finance corporation on 7 May. ... IFC (International Finance Corporation) (1995) 'Terms of reference for an interim ..."

3. China by D. J. (FWD) Johnston (2005)
"... completed prior to 2003 China Everbright Bank IFC Bank of Shanghai International Finance Corporation; HSBC Nanjing Commercial Bank International Finance ..."

4. Andean and Caribbean Basin Financing Directory (1994)
"Washington, DC 20577 Tel: (202) 623-3900 Fax: (202) 623-2036 INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION The international finance corporation (IFC), an affiliate of ..."

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