Definition of Intertropical

1. a. Situated between or within the tropics.

Definition of Intertropical

1. Adjective. Between, or within the tropics. ¹

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Definition of Intertropical

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Intertropical

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Researches Into the Physical History of Mankind by James Cowles Prichard (1851)
"The intertropical country partakes in the productions of New Guinea, ... intertropical and South America. The equatorial and southern parts of America ..."

2. The Monthly Review by Ralph Griffiths (1827)
"... of a Survey of the intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia: performed between the years 1818 and 1822. By Capt. 'Philip King, RN With an Appendix. ..."

3. The Christian Examiner (1829)
"Narrative of the Survey of the intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia, performed between the Years 1818 and 1822. By Captain PHILLIP T. KING, ..."

4. The Jamaica Movement: For Promoting the Enforcement of the Slave-trade by David Turnbull (1850)
"... and the relief of the intertropical possessions of the British Crown from the deep distress in which they are now involved," beg leave to remind your ..."

5. The Christian Examiner and General Review edited by Francis Jenks, James Walker, Francis William Pitt Greenwood, William Ware (1829)
"Narrative of the Survey of the intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia, performed between the Years 1818 ..."

6. Physical Geography by Mary Somerville, Henry Walter Bates (1870)
"... prevalence of the class in intertropical regions; three groups of venomous serpents; ... intertropical ..."

7. Catalogue of the New York State Library: 1855: General Library by New York State Library (1856)
"... a Survey of the intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia. London, 1827. 2 vol. 8°. KING (Preston), Speech, H. of EUS, on the Wilmot proviso, 184T. ..."

8. High School Geography, Physical, Economic and Regional by Charles Redway Dryer (1912)
"CHAPTER XXXV intertropical PROVINCES OF ASIA AND AFRICA The Dekkan, or " southland," forms the core of the peninsula of India. It is a triangular plateau ..."

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